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Our Department Heads

  • Jennifer Tetreault

    Jennifer Tetreault

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    Director/ Safety ConsultantSafety Consulting Services

    After working in the safety field for a while, Jennifer started HazCommpliance in 2007 and has since continued to dedicate her career to assisting employers with maintaining safe work places through safety standard compliance. With an MS in Occupational Safety and Health Management, Jennifer is also an Authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer and a certified ATSSA Flagger Trainer. In addition to directing the different departments at HazCommpliance, Jennifer still travels in the field herself and takes pride in tailoring safety programs and supportive documentation to companies to ensure the most comprehensive and user-friendly compliance tools. Whether it’s conducting mock OSHA audits or holding a safety training class, she provides the personal touch to safety that makes it work.

  • Jennifer Saxton

    Jennifer Saxton

    Office Administrator/SDS CoordinatorSDS Management Services

    Jennifer is in charge of running the office on a day to day basis and keeping the office on schedule with our clients. Jennifer, who has a BA in Education and is working on a certificate of safety from OSHA, provides some of the best client support a company could ask for. Jennifer, who has been with HazCommpliance since 2012, is the one responsible for coordinating SDS data entry and binder creation for our SDS Chemical Inventory Service, managing the field and entry team, and assisting with safety program support information. Any client information received goes through Jennifer, who diligently logs client information- such as training and inspections, and reminds clients when any compliance dates are approaching.

  • Mary Glavin, CSP

    Mary Glavin, CSP

    GHS SDS SpecialistGHS SDS Conversion Services

    With the changes to the Hazard Communication Standard, Mary is responsible for overseeing the revisions of the SDS for our SDS Revisions Services (including North America, Europe, etc...). Re-classifying chemical hazards, identifying labeling requirements, assigning corresponding hazard/ precautionary statements, and many more changes...Mary stays on top of the departments’ responsibilities. Mary has a BS in Environmental Science/ Environmental Health and is a Certified Safety Professional and she also steps in to assist in developing and reviewing safety programs.