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Hard Copy & Indexed SDS

Upon completion of the chemical inventory and the data entry, our clients may opt to receive a hard copy of their SDS Book. All of our SDS Books are departmentalized, indexed and alphabetized for ease of reference. Documents are labeled with document numbers rather than page numbers for quick access and identification.

Do you have to have a hard copy book in addition to electronic access? If the electronic access to your online SDS’ is accessible to all employees- from custodian to lab technician- then your company may opt to have electronic only. However, please keep in mind that accessibility means computer literacy and also unobstructed access. We always recommend that if an employee must request permission to use a computer or obtain a password, then you may want to have a hard copy on hand as well. With our online M/ SDS management clients, clients have access to PDF files of their books and may opt to print out as many copies of their books as often as they need to.

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