Providing safety compliance services in Connecticut


With the adoption of the Global Harmonized System for Classifying and Labeling of Chemicals, the SDS will not be an updated version, referred to as the Safety Data Sheet, or SDS. An SDS must be developed following the GHS guidelines for hazard classification and reporting. At HazCommpliance, our expert team of compliance specialists in the SDS management division will take your old SDS and with the necessary information, revise it to the updated SDS. What we require from you is the formulation and the old SDS, from which we will obtain the physical properties. All exposure limits and regulatory information will be updated, such as PEL’s, TWA’s, SARA listings, etc... Hazard classification is determined and appropriate label requirements are provided. Revising your SDS to SDS has never been easier! We make the SDS management a seamless transition, all transacted online. Our team works closely with your company to ensure the format and delivered project is to your liking. Because we have a team dedicated to SDS development, our turnaround time for most projects with fewer than 100 documents is less than two weeks! Ship to multiple countries? No problem. Although the GHS has been adopted mostly worldwide, countries still have their own additional requirements for the SDS. Our team can provide compliant SDS’ for whichever country you will be shipping to- Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and many more! Additionally, we can manage your SDS online for you to provide access to clients. Contact us today with any questions pertaining to SDS revisions.

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