Providing safety compliance services in Connecticut

Electronic Access/Copies of SDS

HazCommpliance begins with a full chemical inventory of the products in your facility; from here, the SDS is obtained from the manufacturer. Alternatively, clients may opt to supply HazCommpliance with their own chemical inventory. Once the information is gathered, clients now have a personalized username and password to access their files any day, any time, from any location. Chemicals are departmentalized and alphabetized with a full chemical index. Many of our clients also opt to have us print out a hard copy of their inventory as well; this allows those individuals who may not be familiar with computers to have unobstructed access to the safety information they need. To update your inventory, simply call or email us to add the product to your specific location and within 24 hours, the product is live online. The username is your; you may have as many people as you want with access. Contact us for a demonstration for the online access!

How Do We Differ from Other SDS Online Management Companies?

Other service companies may simply provide you a platform to store your documents on, or there may be a certain amount of updating input required from you. Others merely give you access to millions of documents, hoping that the one you need is in there. At HazCommpliance, we personalize your inventory and hazards. The value added with us is the personal review of your hazards and the tailored inventory you receive. The hazards lists are provided so that hazard communication training may be specific to your facility, to your hazards. In other words, we actually help you maintain compliance with the entire Hazard Communication Standard, from SDS to hazard identification to materials for training, rather than merely providing you with general documents.

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